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24 Dec 2012
BRUNA postal

Video Xmas card

clicar al video  

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21 Sep 2012

mobeetrip clip

This year I was commissioned to do illustrations for a video advertisement for the company Mobeetrip. The idea attracted me since the very beginning that the project was led »

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19 Sep 2012


This May, I was commissioned by the great Jorge Ramos (many know him for his blog Lannarie). The assignment was to make drawings of her daughter. When I start to do a portrait »

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27 Aug 2012


On Saturday July 21, I participated in Meló_dia. The Meló_dia is a project of La Capsa] on the melon as a theme, will accommodate a space for music, visual arts and really »

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6 Jun 2012
díptic acabat


On Saturday 26 we celebrated the “marriage” of my two friends and Cristian Vane where I was very fortunate to attend a ceremony so touching and funny like YOUPLUSME. »

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16 May 2012

Between legs

The Merchants Association Casanovas Centric Environment Prat have organtzat by 26 May each day festivities called FESTBAll among all acts will exposures to street stores and »

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15 May 2012
bloc idle bel bosch

Girona magazine

These days can be found in the Girona Provincial Council the Girona magazine. This time Xavier Cortadellas had me 4 to illustrate articles on the subject was thinking about »

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1 Mar 2012

New Blogger

Welcome to my blog which is opened from today This site aims to be an organized place where I can show my work as a portfolio of agile, which can also see my work processes »

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1 Mar 2012

tail “Go take a nap&...

During the 2010-2011 academic year I worked together with my sister in the design and illustrations for a story titled “Let’s nap.” This project began when »

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