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3 Dec 2010

Christmas Cards

http://www.tecob.com/ “Postal de Tecob 201o“   “El pessebre de la Nico” postal del 2010     Com brilla l’estel de l’arbre!! »

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1 Dec 2010

Clara Magazine

Clara Magazine. Editorial Edipresse Hymsa A few years ago collaborated monthly illustrating a section of the magazine Clara. The writing section of the various specialists »

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8 Nov 2010

I love this song!

This illustration allowed me to work for the first time the topic of music. The commission was me or the Alice Dj Agostino, and that made ​​me think it was best to do »

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25 Oct 2010


From time to time accept portrait commissions of the kind. These two drawings are part of a series of portraits where the subject is race. As you’re ending the suspension »

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14 Jul 2010


imatge 800×600 original Il·lustració per al Meló_dia. tècnica mixta

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30 Jun 2010

Deux sans histories

l’anné prochaine, les 190 qui manquen… (thanks Jordi for the translation;)) Stories in pairs. The issue of similarity but never igualtat…bessons / s, equal »

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25 May 2010


This illustration is a portrait of the Navy, the niece of a friend. Always when m’encarreguen portrait, first try to do what is going to know the person portrayed: knowing »

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8 May 2010

Poster of the Festival of...

On 10 April I announced that they had won the poster competition of Festival of Llagostera 2010. But the merit is all mine, thanks to the design of my sister Rosa, who selflessly »

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6 May 2010
revista proba 2

Covers football

These illustrations were commissioned by the company Tecnocasa. These were intended to contest for a new project: Making covers for the magazine Tecnorete. Football and corporate »

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