Montse Mayol i Mas

The Muse speaks:

  • I give you permission to tell them secrets, but tell the truth. Let them know the most beautiful and most intimate of our corners. You can even clarify the imperfections, distortions may become fears and illusions.

    Pass on how we enjoyed our sessions. When you look at me, look, draw and swaying, study, review and inventions. And I still wonder why pretend when you search and find and hear you scream eureka. Then you get excited, and you pour and you wonder if they would like. Because today I explained to the color of your morning, the line of your passions, the distortion of crayon that are like your hands.

    You think that now would you like?

    by María Donoso


    School of Drawing and Painting from El Prat de Llobregat

    During my childhood I assisitir and student workshops in drawing and comics at the School of Drawing and Painting from El Prat de Llobregat, I remember with great affection my teacher Toni Garcia who I love to take illustration:)

    Salessians Sarrià

    In Salessians Sarrià I study a technical aspect studied Graphic Arts specialize in composition and image editing. But I must say that I liked most was the subject of the drawing;)

    La Llotja

    The Llotja was where I majored in illustration, where I share with fellow teachers and a great shining when I take this moment to publicly thank: thanks and thanks Isavel Alvarez dire! (Luis Casado)

    Fine Arts

    In fine arts I went with clear ideas, like getting the specialization already drawing what he liked most:)

    the Buganvillea

    In publishing The Buganvillea I illustrate a collection of 12 books called “The Adventures of Aitana and her cat Romeo” Silvia Valtueña texts.

    journal CLARA

    I spent a year at illustrating Claire magazine. Usually illustrated in a doctor / or recommend to readers’ questions answered.

    Story: “Let’s take a nap”

    The Music of Girona, we asked the commission to me and my sister of designing and illustrating the story “Let’s take a nap”

    Journal of Girona

    I have also worked with the council of Girona magazine, illustrating texts by contemporary writers of reputation.

    School of Arts Prat

    I currently work at the School of Arts Prat teaching drawing, illustration and comic lsutració. I love teaching and the school I am very happy:).


    Contest posters Viatgeteca, City of El Prat de Llobregat, 2005

    Poster contest for the 2000 Festival of Llagostera

    Poster contest for the 2002 Festival of Llagostera

    Poster contest for the 2008 Festival of Llagostera

    Poster contest for the 2010 Festival of Llagostera

    Poster contest for the 2011 Festival of Llagostera


    Noticia a ElPoll diari–nadal-2010-de-les-biblioteques-de-les-comarques-gironines


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