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4 Feb 2014

Goats in Wonderland

On 27 January he left the story “Goats in Wonderland” by Montse Vila and illustrations made ​​by myself. The story of a true story, a story that was published »

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8 Jan 2014
alícia retrat

Alícia’s protrait

Many years ago I made this picture for my friend Alice. The portrait is always a good excuse to draw and if there is a face so expressive and so inspiring as my friend always »

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11 Dec 2013
Plou… peroquinsol_OK

It rains but…what a...

On Saturday December 14th at 19:00 will be the presentation of the story ” It rains but…what a sunny day!” This story is divided into three stories written »

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20 Nov 2013
nen dormint

Let’s have a nap

I leave here a compile of my illustrations for a tale “Let’s have a nap”

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22 Oct 2013
viu el prat

Interview at the magazine ...

Currently can go to visit the exhibition “Once Upon El Prat”, because this magazine “Live Prat” I have done an interview. I leave it here if you want »

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2 Sep 2013

Once upon a time El Prat

We leave then the text of the exhibition which opens on September 20: Exhibition Once upon a time El Prat At 19:30 pm Start Date: 20-09-2013 Completion date: 01-02-2014 There »

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29 Aug 2013


Card Birth: My friend Sylvia had a child (… is a cutie) have been named Aina, here I give you my congratulations . She lives in Amsterdam and there is a tradition to »

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9 Aug 2013
paret vinil


Animalons Veterinary Hospital is one which asked me to do the logo and some applications for the new clinic Andorra La Vella drawings and murals on the walls. Applications »

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22 Mar 2013

“El Prat en versos i...

On 5 April at 19:15 at Centric will be the presentation of the book “El Prat lines and colors”, this publication was a collaborative project between the Association »

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