On 5 April at 19:15 at Centric will be the presentation of the book “El Prat lines and colors”, this publication was a collaborative project between the Association and Blue Ink School Arts Prat (Association of Friends of Art Prat).

The book is a subjective view of the evolution of Prat (XIXth century to the present) through poems.

These poems are works of several poets recognized as Verdaguer, Joseph Costa, Angela Jove, James Codina or our loved Soperos others.

Blue Ink Association provided us the texts to students at the workshop comics and illustration at the School of the Arts illustrated.

The workshop comic illustration compose a dozen youths aged 8 to 17 years and I am very proud of them for the great work you have done. This project has taken as true professionals in both the work and also to be compliant in delivery of the drawings.

The work process we followed is as follows:

The first step was the distribution of each student poems, verses when we had the choice we had to document s going to the Municipal Archives of the Prado.

From there we started making sketches of the illustrations. Many were very clear from the beginning but as we draw 5 ideas.

When we do we choose the ultimate color proofs and the choice of techniques and finally the performance of the color original illustration.

I asked me to do the cover and wanted the reflections students doing the work of being an illustrator. I can say that the book has been very cool and thanks to the work of editing can say that Mariano has done a great job.

I can only thank everyone who have participated in this project to the Association Blue Ink Puigmalet especially John, Vincent Tierra, Mariano Martinez. The Municipal Archives Prat to give us the information we needed and especially my students, for they had patience and constancy: Samuel Alba, H Laia Laia O, William, Mark, Oriol, Paul, Mario Albert, Ivan, James, David and Paula, frankly you are the best!portadaelpratenversosicolorsilustracionscomic

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