On Saturday December 14th at 19:00 will be the presentation of the story ” It rains but…what a sunny day!” This story is divided into three stories written by Cristina Garcia each have illustrated the Emma Schmid Rally Lourdes and myself.

The story that I illustrated is entitled : “A rocket too narrow ” a girl who loves rain so that you can stay at home to draw (and who does not : p ) . With Cristina ( the author of the story ) we know from a thousand years ago and I have been fortunate to work with leading real Mila (daughter of Cristina ) and the underlying tale . The process has been filmed as they work with it ” hand to hand ” and I can say that Mila is an much inspiration.

With Cristina we had in mind work together : I like her as a writer and illustrator , and we were lucky to be in this project together and the truth is that it was a super pleasure illustrate a story Cristina

This project was commissioned by the City Council and the School of Art Llagostera Pedro Mayol led by Mariona Puigbaldoyra order to let us know . The project , apart from the story also includes an exhibition that will cover various works of each artist and allows visitors to approach the world of illustration in different areas such as editorial , advertising and on the ‘ art , among other facets . We greatly appreciate the professionalism and Mariona Llagostera City Council for having trusted me .

Plou… peroquinsol_OK


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  1. La darrera vegada va ser al Prat, aquesta toca Llagostera, on serà la pròxima? :)

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