During the 2010-2011 academic year I worked together with my sister in the design and illustrations for a story titled “Let’s nap.”

This project began when the EMG (Music of Girona), together with the Regional Council of Girona, we selected for design and illustrate the story.

We were commissioned to talk to publishers. So how do all the monitoring project to monitor until the last moment the whole process and ensure good print quality images.

My sister (la Rosa) and I had worked together on other occasions, but never with a story.

We, we had the text of Albert Riera. The story is divided into five smaller stories. Each story was accompanied by a song and a score composed by Ultano Gomez.

So, we worked closely for months. The experience of working together has been great!. I helped to choose the roles of background, fonts, composition … and she helped me with retouching and finishing digital illustrations painted for me. Between the two we thought it would be best to detail what each page in order to leave the place to taste the two. Complement each other perfectly!

Finally in charge of printing was The Private Space and thanks to Nuria Garcia, responsible for the printing department of the company, we were able to walk from machine to check the print quality to that illustrations remain the same as the originals. For us, it was a fundamental requirement to work with a company that was strict with the quality of images.

The story was presented in the Auditorium of Girona on 18 June 2011. On stage, three actors tell the tale, accompanied by over 300 children who sang the story accompanied by a wonderful orchestra. All of this representation was accompanied by the projection of all the illustrations of the story. It was really fantastic!

It was a great experience as personal as professional.

On Thursday, November 17 at 19pm in the Auditorium of the Library of the Prado, the Central, and I rose, presenting the story and explaining his creative process.



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