The Merchants Association Casanovas Centric Environment Prat have organtzat by 26 May each day festivities called FESTBAll among all acts will exposures to street stores and asked me if I wanted to collaborate.

In this street I have good friends and I did not hesitate to collaborate. The site chosen was the footwear of Santos and the reason it was chosen as starting a new work, I do think the mural on the shoes and legs were the protagonists.

The mural is made from cardboard, metallic acrylate and collage. I thank the students from beginners to drawing school of the arts and especially sussanna that helped me the choice of materials and aesthetics! I also want to thank the association for retailers and Nuri Santos want my picture in his shop and look after me so well! THANK YOU!

Here I show the process, the original should go to see the shoe Santos ^ _ ^



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