We leave then the text of the exhibition which opens on September 20: Exhibition Once upon a time El Prat At 19:30 pm Start Date: 20-09-2013 Completion date: 01-02-2014 There are many ways to tell the story and many different readings. This exhibition proposes to bring you the story of the meadow across the drawings of the artist Montse pratenc Mayol. In the hands of Paul and Marina, the protagonists of our story, the children introduced them to discover »

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Card Birth: My friend Sylvia had a child (… is a cutie) have been named Aina, here I give you my congratulations . She lives in Amsterdam and there is a tradition to send cards or postcards to family and friends to celebrate the birth, and here is where I ^ _ ^. The card and I do know the more knowing that there was great enthusiasm. Here you have the card:

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paret vinil

Animalons Veterinary Hospital is one which asked me to do the logo and some applications for the new clinic Andorra La Vella drawings and murals on the walls. Applications is to make the sign vinyls and information posted on the doors. Then I show the label and logo. Clinical sign Logo For drawings take him seriously thought the mural and I thought of saying Catalan phrases draw with animal themes. The composition I would like to be a wall full of »

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On 5 April at 19:15 at Centric will be the presentation of the book “El Prat lines and colors”, this publication was a collaborative project between the Association and Blue Ink School Arts Prat (Association of Friends of Art Prat). The book is a subjective view of the evolution of Prat (XIXth century to the present) through poems. These poems are works of several poets recognized as Verdaguer, Joseph Costa, Angela Jove, James Codina or »

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BRUNA postal

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