In this time last summer, the beach bar “El Maravillas” of the Prat beach I proposed a project that I was not being able to reject.

The project consisted of two parts: the first paint and draw outdoors at the beach and then an auction with the result of the action where you remove everything would go to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

We propose to other artists if they wanted to collaborate and artist Stella Xavi Rubio and Matthew who accepted very willingly collaborated with the project.

The first thing I came up and as always in these cases is that they could not do this activity without having my boiler model, and the best thing we could do is move the drawing model of outdoor . Mary agreed and we were delighted to 20:00 pm until 02:00 at night and she put me drawing. It was a challenge where I had a great time.

In the pictures you can see the process work, good atmosphere and the result of my work were a total of 7 Pastel drawings of sizes: 100×70 cm:)

Days later the auction was pulled and all work 450 € approx.

We were very happy and satisfied!

Obviously I want to thank everyone who we were there: Isaac and Miguelillo to have me in the boiler would not know that without it, thanks muse, to Maite Gascon, and artists Stella Rubio and Matthew Xavier. It was great to share this with you all!
This was the result
And then in making of

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  1. No puc més que treure´m el barret en senyal d'admiració!!!

  2. gràciessssss per comentar neus!!!!!!!!!!! ens ho vam passar pipa ;) petonets

  3. Una iniciativa molt maca :) Espero que avisis si ho torneu a fer per a que la pròxima vegada no m'ho perdi :)

    I així tornaré a provar una altra hamburguesa de El Maravillas que estan tremendes! :D

  4. uala!!! que ben pensat i origina la proposta.. quina sort que tens que la gent et doni a oportunitat de fer accions tan maques com aquestes… ets una crack!!! muaks

  5. gràcies patri tens raó que el treball en grup és importantíssim per poder realitzar projectes així! merci per escriure ;)

    sergi si mai es torna a fer t'ho faré saber pq et puguis menjar una hamburguesa ¬¬ :p

  6. Montse un projecte molt maco.
    Tant les il·lustracions, com la sessió de fotogràfica i l'entorn estan molt bé.
    Enhorabona! Et felicito.

  7. gràcies jordi!!!!!!!!!!!!! i merci també per visitar el bloc ;)

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