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We could talk about any one Thursday, … we speak of innocent encounter, we talking about making wine a night … so and so, as is the opportunity arose to work with the group “Nosotras.”
Maria Donoso happened to me a few texts fruits of his head and I was captivated! I did not hesitate to participate with little or nothing to do … what was drawn.
The project was a fusion of different disciplines (visual art, music, performance …) giving life to the texts of Maria.
In my case, after reading their texts, I turn into giants and these illustrations were used as the set of his show.

The project bear fruit in the programming of the “Women’s Day” and gave us the opportunity to teach a small sample project. They were fantastic, they shine like stars and I am truly proud to belong to NOSOTRAS!

I leave a show of drawings I made:
All drawings are made with technical Pastel 200 x 100 cm

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  1. una passada aquestes il·lustracions!!! Espero que aquesta suma d'art, passió i amistat segueixi donant més fruits;)

  2. B.u.E.n.M.o.J.O


    %A %B %e%q, %Y

    M'encanten el verds…

  3. molt guaiiiiiiii montseeee!!!!!!noemí

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